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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth game review The most beautiful fantasy

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth game review The most beautiful fantasy

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth can be considered a love letter to old fans and a breathtaking role-playing experience for new users. Stay with Apkdowny by reviewing this game.
With the Final Fantasy 7 remake project, Square Enix intends to introduce new users to one of the best versions of the Final Fantasy series. Of course, Tetsuya Nomura and his team didn't just consider a simple remake. A trilogy based on the original Final Fantasy 7. Its first version, called Final Fantasy 7 Remake, was released in 2020 after years of waiting, and it was the beginning of events and adventures that old users were familiar with. As I said, this trilogy is not a simple remake and we will see new story elements that were laid in the first edition.
Now it's time for the second version of this trilogy, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, to expand the experience of old and new users. Rebirth not only does this to the best of its ability, but it's a fest of valuable content that can keep you entertained for hours. Along with that, it offers a story that you can't wait to continue, and it tells its story in the best possible way, and it contains some surprises.

The story of the game takes place exactly after the events of the remake version. Claude , Tifa , Brett , Aerith , and Red 13 enter the Kalm Inn after escaping Midgar, and now Claude is talking about Sephiroth . Why is Sephiroth a big threat and what is his connection with Cloud? In fact, Claude tells the story of five years ago. where Cloud and Sephiroth, along with two other Shinra soldiers, go to Nibelheim to do research on Shinra's old reactor. In the meantime, various events have happened and all things work hand in hand to make Sephiroth become an avenger.

The story has a very good start and maintains its pace and order until the end

The game has a good and exciting start and apart from introducing the new audience well to the purpose of Sephiroth, it also raises other questions. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's well-ordered storytelling and storytelling has helped us see an engaging, engaging, and surprising story. The story does not go out of rhythm and does not tire the audience. It has its own complexities and puts the new and old audience right in the heart of the game. Even through the gameplay and the structure of some sub-missions, it tries to give leaves to the main story and it has been successful in this way. In the end, we see a good ending. The ending answers most of the audience's questions and leaves the rest of the answers to the third version of this trilogy.

Claude's good characterization continues well in Rebirth and the audience gets to know him more. The type of his relationship with Sephiroth and the interaction between the two is considered the turning point of Cloud's characterization. Of course, other team characters such as Tifa, Irith or even Brett and Red 13 have very good characterization and the production team depicts their story background very well. Display items that are interesting even for old users. In the meantime, I would like to point out that as the story progresses, we see new characters being added to Cloud's team, and they also have their own story and characterization. The good characterization of the characters also applies to the negative and gray characters of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and there are some interesting surprises in between.

Thanks to the use of more details in the storytelling, we see some surprises in the story of the game

However, the story and narrative is not the only part that has become more detailed and wider than before. Rather, the gameplay of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has undergone many changes. After leaving Midgar, Claude and his team travel to different places and therefore we are on the side of an open world action role-playing game. The combat system of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the same as the remake version, but with some changes. The fighting structure is completely modern and hack and slash, and in the meantime, an ATB bar has been designed, by filling it up, you can use the magic or skills of the desired characters. In the meantime, it is not bad to mention the Limit Break bar, which is somehow the ultimate shot of every player.

Apart from these things, a new feature called Synergy Ability and Synergy Skill has been added to the game. Abili Synergy and Skills are actually combo skills that you can use with your teammates. On the other hand, here you can form your team of three. The type of arrangement of the team and its members is very important, and with various customizations done through materials, you can cover the weak points of your team or change the type of function of each character to some extent. For example, use a materia to increase the speed at which Cloud's ATB bar fills up, and choose a weapon for him that greatly increases the ability to hit magic. Next, use more magic materia on Cloud to turn him into a powerful magic user instead of a skilled swordsman.

The redesigned weapon upgrade system gives a new flavor to the battles and entertains the audience better than before.

The same goes for your other teammates and changing your battle strategy. Of course, some of the main missions of the game are designed in such a way that you must finish it with one or more special characters, and in these missions, the production team has used the unique characteristics of each character in order to design the environment and puzzles. This move has greatly increased the variety of gameplay and browsing, and on the other hand, you can experience the game with all the fictional characters. Your character and party upgrade system, along with the weapon upgrade system, are other things that have a detailed and detailed design. By killing enemies and bosses, you get XP needed to level up each character as well as the party level. Upgrading the individual level increases the stats and stats of each character's power, and the party level allows you to purchase newer upgrades.

The mini-games of the game have the potential to entertain you for hours and you will never get tired of their experience.

Unlike the previous version where each of the weapons of the game characters had their own upgrades, here a general upgrade is considered. In this section, the player can purchase upgrades such as the release of Abili synergy and new skills, increasing the power of using spells, increasing the health bar, increasing physical hits and similar things. Now, the higher your party level, the more items will be available. In addition, finding different weapons allows you to better customize the amount of damage you deal with magic, physical hits, or the amount of your health bar and MP. All these things have a direct impact on the type of your fights and you can easily create your own fighting style.
Apart from the battles and upgrade and update systems, the exploration and side activities are considered, another part of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth gameplay. Each of the regions or areas of the Rebirth version has its own biome and enemies. Also, different side activities are designed for the player. Some of these activities are only specific to the same areas, and some others are generally observed in all environments. Side activities include killing elite enemies, finding environments for summons, or game summons, minigames, and the like. Square Enix has spent a lot of time on minigames in this version. They were inspired by other successful games to create them, and these inspired elements blend well with the world of Final Fantasy. The game's side activities aren't boring at all thanks to Rebirth's excellent combat system, and they're also very rewarding. Therefore, you will be eager to explore each region completely and complete all the activities inside it.

Apart from the reconstruction of old bosses, new bosses have also been added to the game, which have a very good design

The design of the main missions of the game has been done in the best possible way, and the side missions are good complements. The side missions of this version have an acceptable design and most importantly, they offer a good reward. Meanwhile, it is not bad to mention the construction system of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Through the construction system, you can create various items such as potions, Talisman and other key items. Each item has special materials that you can collect by exploring the environments and killing enemies and picking up items inside the environment. The more items you craft, the higher your construction level will be, and newer and better items will become available to craft.
Visually, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth also performs very well. The game environments are both visually and artistically well designed and very well restored. The lighting, the details of the characters' faces and their clothes are among the strengths of this section. Of course, the cinematic cutscenes of the game also play a prominent role. The cinematic cutscenes of the game are mostly designed in-game, but in the meantime, some cutscenes of the game have a CGI structure and are of very good quality. The cinematic cutscenes of the game have helped a lot in the narration of the story and in some sequences have given the game a cinematic atmosphere.

However, Rebirth could provide the audience with better quality in the performance mode. Apart from the things mentioned in the design section, the enemies of the game have a good and varied design, and the Rebirth bosses have a unique design. The detailed and wonderful reconstruction of the original bosses has made even old users able to experience a breathtaking, exciting and attractive battle, and in addition to that, a number of surprising things have been prepared in this section for old users. Items that are carefully and very intelligently designed and placed in the heart of the game. From a technical point of view, the game runs without frame drops or any specific bugs, and users will have a smooth experience.
The production team for the music of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has gone to recreate some of the famous and memorable songs of the original game, and in the meantime, many new soundtracks have been designed to give users a new experience. The sound effects of the game are also well designed and in terms of dubbing, the English dubbing of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth can be considered one of the best oriental works that have English dubbing. In the end, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is a heartwarming experience that engages the audience for 70-80 hours. Of course, depending on the type of sightseeing you do in the environment and performing side activities, this time can be longer. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is a fantastic action role-playing game whose overall experience is so good that you can practically ignore its problems and enjoy a full experience.

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