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Monster Hunter games sold over 97 million copies

Monster Hunter games sold over 97 million version

Capcom's Monster Hunter series of action role-playing games sold another two million version in the third quarter of this fiscal year.
In recent years, Monster Hunter games have become one of Capcom's biggest and most successful collections; While they had good sales performance in different periods. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Monster Hunter collection has experienced good sales in the third quarter of the fiscal year 2024-2023 (October to December).
In the financial report of the third quarter of this fiscal year, Capcom announced that the total sales of the Monster Hunter game series reached 97 million version as of December 31, 2023. This amount of sales has increased by 2 million version compared to the end of the previous quarter, when it reached 95 million version.
Capcom announced in its recent financial meeting that the Monster Hunter World game has also sold 19.1 million version, which reaches 24.1 million version including the Iceborne Master version. In this financial report, Capcom announced the sale of 11.6 million copies of the Iceborne add-on package. At the same time, Monster Hunter Rise has sold 14.2 million version, and Sunbreak expansion pack has sold 7.1 million version.
In December, Capcom announced the next version of the Monster Hunter series called Monster Hunter Wilds, which will be available to players at an unknown time from 2025. The number of concurrent users of Montser Hunter World has increased dramatically shortly after the introduction of Monster Hunter Wild, reaching the highest number in three years.

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