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Skull and Bones game review; Pirates of deprived areas!

Skull and Bones game review; Pirates of deprived areas!

Skull and Bones, Ubisoft's latest creation, does not come close to its goal of entertaining the audience. Stay with APKDowny by reviewing this game.
One of the good features of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is the sea battles that felt very good and were designed to be fun and exciting. In 2013, inspired by this section, Ubisoft started the process of making the Skull and Bones game. A game centered on pirates that intended to provide users with battles in the sea. Now, 11 years have passed since then, and during these years, Skull and Bones itself was caught several times in the turbulent seas of developing a game and its challenges. Unfortunately, the final product is not something that entertains the user and it was expected that Ubisoft Singapore and other studios that helped in the development of this game, after many changes, would finally provide an acceptable game, but this did not happen.
Ubisoft has gone to the end of the 17th century for the story of Skull and Bones. Where it is referred to as the golden age of piracy. You enter the Red Isle as a captain after a heavy battle. Now, during various story missions, you have to help the game characters to reach their goals. The narration of the story in Skull and Bones does not grab the heart. In fact, the whole story, although it has an interesting idea behind it, does not have an entertaining design. Of course, part of the lack of fun in what you do has to do with the gameplay. Where Skull and Bones struggles with many problems.

The general idea of ​​Skull and Bones is very charming and charming, but Ubisoft Singapore has used it in the worst possible way

After going through the introduction of the game, you have to choose your personalized character. The characters that are considered are pre-made and you just choose things like hairstyle, hair color and similar things. Skull and Bones is an action-adventure game where you start your career as a captain with a simple, level one ship. Now, by entering the main island of the Red Isle region, you can complete various main and side missions and increase your Infamy rank. As you level up, you can purchase new ship building maps and weapons or find them in the game world. Then collect the materials and do the construction of the game. The upgrade and construction system in Skull and Bones is well designed and affects your strength and makes battles easier, but the game's only good feature is hidden under a bag of problems.

The construction system of the game provides various and good things to the audience and has a good effect on the player's strength

The structure of the game is that you must collect the necessary materials and resources, trade with smaller bases and outposts, and fight with other ships. On paper, these are interesting and fun ideas. Meanwhile, Ubisoft Singapore has designed the main gameplay elements in the most limited way possible. For example, collecting materials inside each island is done only from inside the ship and with a few button presses. Even trading and buying various items from smaller bases is done from inside the ship. The most important gameplay element of Skull and Bones is the ship-to-ship battles.
The ship-to-ship battles of Skull and Bones are not very detailed and are not designed as they should be. In this type of battles, the player simply aims at the opposing ship and shoots it. When the opponent's ship is weakened, you can approach them and loot them by trapping the opposite ship. Looting and entering the enemy's ship should be one of the most attractive and exciting parts in this category of games, but in Skull and Bones this work is done as simply as possible and does not inspire any attraction and excitement. Even attacking smaller bases and looting them is done in the simplest and least detailed way possible. All these cases, while Ubisoft has shown this type of looting and battles in the best possible way in the past and during the Valhalla and Black Flag editions of the Assassin's Creed series. Seeing these things in Skull and Bones with this quality is a setback for Ubisoft and its studios.

Even the production team did not try to give the game a beautiful appearance with artistic designs

In terms of reward, you get an acceptable reward by completing the main and secondary missions, and the design of the main and secondary missions suffer from low details and lack of appeal due to the not very attractive gameplay and negligence of the developer team in game design. Skull and Bones has three-player co-op and you can fight with two friends or other players. Of course, some of the game's missions, which include attacking enemy ships or smaller bases, are designed in such a way that you can ask for help, and usually other players in the game world will come to you for help.
The visual graphics of Skull and Bones are not very defined. We only see an average product from this point of view, and even Ubisoft Singapore's studio has not considered eye-catching designs for its product from an artistic point of view. Apart from the things mentioned in the design section, the type of animation of the characters' faces or making the ship's crew happy after looting is very simple and does not add any special charm and excitement to the game. Usually, the movement of the ship in the water can be different depending on the type of placement of the sails or the size of the ship itself, which is not considered in Skull and Bones. In the meantime, I would like to point out that the game environments are not limited to the Red Isle, and there are three different environments or regions for the game. From a technical point of view, Skull and Bones does not have frame drops or specific bugs and offers a psychological experience.

The music and sounds of the game are at an acceptable level. When you are sailing, the crew of your ship will start singing to keep the player entertained and so to speak, not to get bored during the long sea voyage. In the end, Skull and Bones is not a product that can entertain a player and the $70 tag for the game is too expensive and you don't get any content at all for the price of the game.

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